180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage

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Couples will start by choosing a star in the night sky. This will become “their” star and will forever remind them of the love they share.

Each experience also includes an affirmation calculated to confirm all that is positive in their relationship. Many of the experiences also encourage readers to share their progress online using social media with specifically designed hashtags.  Online participation of 180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage creates a culture of couples anxious to spread ideas that will help strengthen marriages everywhere.

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A perfect gift for newlyweds, 180 Experiences that will Strengthen your Marriage is designed to bring couples closer together.

Readers will learn how to have a happy marriage, how to never fight with their spouse, how to build one another’s self-esteem, why you should never say “no” to your spouse and principles that will keep couples fiercely loyal to each other.

The book includes 180 experiences or date ideas, which will allow couples to create a long list of beautiful memories together.


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