You’ll appreciate this 10 years after highschool

As a high school guidance counselor, I encourage students constantly to learn and get the most out of free public education as possible.  Some like to learn others seem to be driven more by what their friends are doing.  I can often determine whether a student gets encouragement from home or if they do not by the way they perform in school.  As I work with students who fail classes, I often remind them why I believe learning is important.

This planet called earth we live on is expensive. Mortgage or rent takes a great amount out of a paycheck.  Utilities are getting so high they nearly match the mortgage payment for most people.  Food and gasoline costs are constantly uprising. If we choose to learn, it can only benefit us.  Learning teaches us to find information when needed and helps us to make better decisions no matter how we choose to make our living.  If someone chooses for example to sweep floors and clean toilets it is best to do it as an educated person.  An education shows an employer that you have the ability to communicate and follow through on your job.  An education also sets a person up for more of a chance to promote within a job field.  It also promotes a better chance to provide for a family.

If students are cutting classes to be with friends, they need to understand that friends are not going to do work, take tests, graduate for them or take care of them when they do not graduate from high school. If these toxic friends are influencing you to not go to school, it is time now to walk away from them towards school and never turn back.  We are all born with a brain.  We should use our brain and intelligence to learn as much as we can. Life without learning would be boring and awkward.  If you are not learning it is not the teachers fault as learning is a choice for each of us to decide. No one can make another learn.  If you are reading this article, it does not mean you are absorbing what is written.  You may be reading the words but thinking about what you are having for dinner tonight because you are hungry.  Again, learning is a choice and takes only a little practice to focus back on what you are learning.

If you cannot pursue an education because of financial or other reasons, there is so much material online and in libraries where we can self educate to learn skills and become better communicators. It is my challenge to anyone who reads this to learn as much as you can in this life because life is short.  I also encourage you to remind others that learning is something everyone can do no matter what their level of learning is.

Lisa Wiggins